A breakthrough in the use of dermal fillers has enabled a significant improvement in non-surgical penis enlargement Toronto. The same products that are permitted by the FDA to improve the appearance of cheeks and chins are injected into the penile shaft and head to considerably enlarge the girth and breadth of the genital penis.

In terms of looks and personal interactions, girth is the most attractive characteristic. Enhancement injections in the penis have the greatest effect on the girth or width of the penis. Recent research has shown that 90 percent of male partners prefer an increase in penile girth over an increase in penile length.

Non-surgical penis fillers function in a manner similar to that of face fillers in that they provide volume where it is required. This penile enlargement procedure, which is administered directly into the penis, may enhance girth while also improving the overall look of the genital region. Penile enlargement using dermal fillers may, in essence, provide men a significant confidence boost while also making them feel more at ease in their own skin.

What is a non-surgical penis enlargement in toronto?

The enlargement treatment done by our surgeon is conducted under topical anesthetic and takes around 30 minutes. Patients see an instant improvement, with sustained improvement over the next two to three weeks.

Following the treatment, patients can anticipate mild to moderate transient edema as well as some bruising. In the majority of instances, sexual activity may be resumed after 5-7 days of therapy.

The length of time that the outcomes will last is determined by the products that were utilized in the therapy. At Men’s Clinic in Toronto we offer various filler options to our patients, one of them including Voluma XC which is the most popular and long-lasting product on the market. The use of Voluma XC for penile enlargement needs between 5 and 15 syringes to be administered to the penile shaft and glans. The base treatment consists of 5 syringes of the product of your choice.

This is a short-duration office-based procedure that takes less than an hour. Following the treatment, the patient may return to his usual daily activities immediately.

What Can You Expect From The Procedure?

Our medical experts employ Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers to give the penis a natural sensation in both the flaccid and erect states. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers create great girth enlargement while also being resistant to external compression. The results are long-lasting, and the aesthetic looks are really pleasing. Because hyaluronic acid fillers may be quickly dissolved if necessary, it is preferable to use these substances for injection.

We first use an anesthetic lotion to numb the penis before performing the non-surgical penis enlargement Toronto. Using a microcannula, the hyaluronic acid filler is then slowly injected just below the superficial layer of dermis, where it can be seen. All of the fillers include lidocaine, which helps to alleviate any pain and discomfort that may occur during the treatment.

To schedule a private and confidential consultation to discuss penile augmentation, please fill out the form and one of our medical experts will get in touch with you.


What Can The Penile Enhancement Procedure Help You With Specifically?

The technique has been shown to enhance girth rather than length. Patients should set realistic goals for themselves in terms of non-surgical penis enlargement Toronto. The treatment will enhance the size of the penis, but it will not increase the size of the penis by a factor of two or more.

It has been shown that male partners prefer an increase in penile girth above an increase in penile length in studies. Clinical studies have also shown that upwards of 80-90 percent of patients are entirely or mainly happy with their outcomes, with patients and their sexual partners expressing high levels of satisfaction with the procedure.

What Methods Are Used To Enhance Penile Geniture?

The method for penis widening involves the use of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers such as Juvederm XC and Voluma XC, Restylane Lyft, and Restylane Defyne, among other products. There are various benefits to using filler as opposed to other more invasive treatments in cosmetic procedures. They are created from hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar compound found naturally in the skin, and are safe and effective in plumping the treatment region for long-term enlargement and rejuvenation.

Non-Surgical Penile Enlargement Through Fat Transplantation

Non-surgical penis enlargement Toronto with fat transfer is a long-term alternative for men who want a more durable result than a standard procedure. Through the use of our medical experts’ superior fat processing and application processes, men are reaping the advantages of augmentation with the self-assurance that their final outcome will likely endure for the rest of their lives.

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Toronto Results

The quantity of dermal filler that is injected into the penis determines how much girth is gained. The majority of individuals need between 5 and 15 injections in order to get a satisfactory and visually attractive outcome. The typical growth in girth achieved with this procedure and this number of syringes results in a circumference increase ranging from 15 to 35 percent.

Cost Of Non-Surgical Penis Treatments

Voluma XC is the most widely used and longest-lasting hyaluronic acid penile enhancement injection available. Voluma XC penile enlargement takes between 5 and 15 syringes to be administered to the penile shaft and head, while usual treatments to the face or lips require just 1-3 syringes. Since each patient is looking for specific results, the cost will vary based on the patient’s goals. For a tailored cost please book a consultation with our medical experts and they would be happy to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the cost of your treatment.

non-surgical penis augmentation toronto
To schedule a private and confidential consultation to discuss penile augmentation, please fill out the form and one of our medical experts will get in touch with you.


Are You A Candidate For Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement In Toronto?

We provide non-surgical penis enlargement at our Men’s Clinic in Toronto, if you are interested in expanding the size, length, and/or girth of your male organ but do not want to undergo a surgical treatment to achieve your goals. These treatments are completely safe, provide incredible results, and do not need any kind of invasive surgery. Best of all, you will not be subjected to any of the downtime or recuperation that would be connected with a more invasive surgical operation in the first place.

After meeting with you in person, we will work closely with you to determine which sort of genital augmentation treatment is most appropriate for you. Non-surgical penis enlargement Toronto procedures are available at our facility, and a member of our board-certified surgical team will work closely with you to ensure that we choose the procedure that is most suited to your specific objectives and unique, individual anatomy.

Non-surgical Treatment For E.D.

The majority of men believe that sex is necessary for a happy and healthy life. That is why we at Men’s Clinic are a group of experts devoted to restoring masculinity in other men. 

Our mission is simple and straightforward: to treat impotence-causing diseases such as erectile dysfunction (E.D.). This is an issue that, if not addressed, can deprive you of the joy and fulfilment that comes with a regular sexual connection, as well as having a detrimental influence on your personal relationships.

We realise how tough it is to confess you have a sexual health problem. However, as we frequently remind our patients, if you cure the underlying condition, the symptoms will go away, allowing you to live a happy life. 


Why Choose The Men’s Clinic In Toronto?

When it comes to enhancing one’s look, many individuals are concerned about the possibility of getting a negative outcome. At the Men’s Clinic in Toronto, we assist our patients in achieving their ideal appearance without seeming false or unnatural. We are well-known for our attention to detail and creative ability, which ensures that you will achieve your results exactly. Not only can you expect a discreet appointment our surgeons and medical professionals are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Book Your Consultation In Toronto

It’s past time for you to quit feeling less than the man you are because of the size of your genital organs. In order to get actual and long-lasting effects, invasive plastic surgery is not always required. Thousands of men have used soft tissue fillers to dramatically enhance the size of their penis, both in length and breadth, resulting in significant improvements. In as little as a few weeks, you may be regaining your self-confidence and living a new life.

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